What To Look For When Choosing A Sit-stand Device For Your Desk

The right sit-stand design will greatly improve the comfort of deskbound workers. Yet, how do you know which ergonomic solution is right for you or your staff? The increased awareness surrounding the negative effects of poor posture for office staff has led to a growing interest in ergonomic sit-stand solutions for employees. Apart from the obvious implications for workplace health & safety (WH&S) along with employer responsibilities for staff wellbeing, sit-stand workstations can contribute to greater productivity and less workplace fatigue due to their design elements.

More Recognition for Workstation Issues

The meteoric rise in the use of technology, including computers and mobile devices, over sustained periods of time has impacted the health of the modern workforce. Where once employees were expected to sit at their desks throughout their entire working day, a contemporary corporate environment may be filled with standing workers, collaborative zones, and all sorts of office accoutrement in the aim of having happy, healthy workers. While diverse ranges of ergonomic equipment ergonomic equipment are now available, making correct and well-informed choices is crucial to getting the best out your investment. The team at Ergoworks Consulting has compiled a list of useful pointers on what to look for when choosing the ideal sit-stand device for your needs.

Sitting or Standing in the Office

While there are many people who now choose to stand or sit to when working at a desk, your choice of device will depend on your personal preference. Fortunately, in the corporate environment, most people now realise the merits of sit-stand devices for employees who are at their desks for 8 hours or more a day. To determine which style suits you, ask yourself what kind of activities you are likely to perform in standing. Once you have determined what you need the device for, you can then factor in your own physical dimensions and your working environment to find your ideal solution.

The Full Desk or the Retrofittable Tabletop Version

Sit-stand devices fall into two categories: a full desk version and a retrofit-style tabletop device. To make an informed choice you’ll need to look at what these variations mean in practical terms. It pays to know how your chosen career and daily duties will affect your decision. For example, the type of industry you’re working in and your specific role will factor into your desktop decision.

Full-desk Systems

The full-desk sit-stand device is normally adjustable to accommodate either sitting or standing and it operates as one independent unit. One of the main features of this system is that it provides more room for both IT equipment and desk-based materials. You can say goodbye to messy, cramped desk space when you purchase a full-desk version. This style is also suitable for more than a single computer screen and most models tend to provide a larger range of height adjustments too.

Tabletop (Retrofit Add-on Systems)

This design consists of a universal desktop unit, which can accommodate a laptop or PC, mouse and keyboard. Typically, these units don’t offer the same range of adjustability as the full-desk version and taller individuals may find the adjustment range restrictive. However, one of the big drawcards for the desktop model is its cost-effectiveness, making it more obtainable for home workers. You can purchase a tabletop sit-stand solution for any existing desk in your office or home. Although, if you have a busy desk, which requires plenty of room for files and other materials, you may find this option doesn’t have enough flexibility for your needs.

Pay for Better Posture

Of course, you get what you pay for. While the full-desk systems come at a premium, they are likely to be a valuable long-term investment in the wellbeing of your workforce. The more economical retrofit method, however, may be ideal in less demanding office environments where workers are not constantly at their desks.

Ask the Experts

The ergonomic office experts at Ergoworks Consulting have available the heavy-duty BioSmart electric sit-stand device, which will service all your workspace demands for improved posture and comfort. The best in office solutions start with a conversation regarding a healthier work environment, so talk to us about your needs.