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Ergonomically Designed Mice

Which mouse is the right one for me?

Due to its frequent use, having a good mouse is essential for making work on a computer or laptop healthy and comfortable. There are many different kinds of mice on the market today and ergonomics matters when choosing the right mouse. The perfect mouse will let you work efficiently, be easy to use and comfortable enough to save your wrists and fingers from any undue strain.

Ergonomic mice can greatly reduce the likelihood of developing repetitive strain injuries (RSI) or wrist tension due to extended computer use. Just like ergonomic keyboards.

Having a small portable mouse is important to ensuring a good ergonomic environment wherever you are working. With changing trends of work locations in this day and age, whether you are working in an office, home office, cafe or on the job site, an ergonomic mouse is an integral part of a safe and happy workstation. 

The Penguin mouse sets a new standard of protection from carpal tunnel and RSI by sharing the workload of right to left hands.  The ability to be able to switch between the left and right hand throughout the day lessens fatigue and discomfort of the muscles while doing mouse work. 

The Anker Vertical mice puts the wrist in a vertical position and has intuitive mouse buttons for increased efficiency and output. It is ergonomically designed to reduce the pressure on the wrist by placing your hand in a more vertical position. Furthermore, the shark fin design is a popular aesthetic and a great addition to any ergonomic workspace.