6 Tips To Empower And Support Your Staff With Ergonomic Equipment

If you want to provide proper ergonomic work from home equipment for your staff, prior to doing so it’s worth ensuring that they both understand what proper ergonomics is and are also aware of how to practice good ergonomics while at work. If you’re unsure where to start, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to support, educate and guide your employees on how to properly utilise ergonomic equipment.

Perform Regular Walkthroughs

Begin by conducting weekly walkthroughs of your department or office. Observe employee work techniques, work practices, work setups, work stations and postures. Things to look out for include incorrect sitting postures and awkward mouse and keyboard set up; both of which can be indications of poor ergonomics. Following the above protocol will give you an idea of what measures need to be addressed in order to implement the correct ergonomics at your workplace.

Provide Education

Best practice is to conduct thorough educational assessments or training for your staff by qualified health professionals every year. By making this sort of training compulsory for all employees in your office they will be well equipped with necessary ergonomic knowledge needed for safe work practices. More often that not, employees are unaware of proper ergonomics and how to use their equipment correctly, therefore, it’s important to educate them on the right ergonomic practises in the workplace

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Create an Ergonomic Work Culture

Correct non-neutral or unhealthy postures of your employees and encourage them to adopt healthy ergonomic practices at work. It is impossible to sit perfectly all day, but if we try to utilize the chair and its back support that is the best way to maintain a good posture.

Purchase Good Ergonomically Designed Office Equipment

Invest in good quality ergonomically designed office equipment and other accessories. Good ergonomics is known to increase efficiency and productivity among employees while keeping them healthy and safe at work. Ensure a proper ergonomic evaluation of the office, department or the workstation of each employee. Decide on what is ergonomically right for the individual employee before sourcing proper ergonomic workstation equipment

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Correct Unsafe Practices and Bad Habits

Correct unsafe practices and incorrect use of ergonomic equipment, such as cradling the phone awkwardly or sitting incorrectly in ergonomic chairs. Educate your employees to distinguish between unsafe and safe work practices. Let them know that the ergonomic equipment at the office can be adjusted and adapted as per the ergonomic needs of the occupant. Encourage them to apply good ergonomic practices every day at work.

Invite Discussion

The key to proper implementation of ergonomics at the workplace lies in initiating a proper discussion with the employees on the topic. If you notice elements of discomfort among your employees, initiate a discussion by inviting them to freely discuss their problems and concerns. Encourage your employees to report early signs of poor ergonomics to discuss and decide a further plan of action, such as carrying out preventive ergonomic assessment and bringing in ergonomic workstation equipment.

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