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Compact Ergonomic Monitor Riser

Which monitor riser is the right one for me?

Ergonomic monitor risers are extremely important if you are using a computer screen that is not adjustable. Looking down for extended periods of time can place the muscles in the neck area in a strained position. When looking at your monitor, you should be looking into the top one third of the screen. If looking lower than this it can lead to pain and stiffness in the neck. Adjust your monitor so it is a comfortable distance away from you – approximately one arm’s length.

An ergonomic monitor riser is a cost effective solution to ensure that you are sitting in the best posture throughout your working day. It is also a tiny cost when considering the possible negative ergonomic outcome of eyesight and neck difficulties. In addition to an ergonomic chair, keyboard, mouse and desk, ergonomic monitor risers are another important element of a happy and safe ergonomic office.

We offer laptops stands and solutions including monitor blocks, risers and fully adjustable arms that can be clamped to your work station. Our prices are extremely competitive and we can deliver throughout Australia at standard postage turnaround times.

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