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Ergonomic Keyboards

Which keyboard is the right one for me?

It is important that you feel comfortable when typing. Minimal stress should be placed on the wrists and fingers while you are using your keyboard. Working out how you need to use your keyboard for your job is very important. For example if you do not need the numeric pad, then try a minikeyboard as this will bring your mouse closer to the midline and prevent stretching your arm and shoulder. Your arms should always be in a bent position while using your keyboard, never over reach and have your arms out straight when typing.

We have a number of different ergonomic keyboard solutions to suit the style of work that you are doing and industry you are in. Tasks involving significant numerical elements will always require a numeric pad and we offer ergonomic keyboards with built in numeric pad and also with numberslide keyboards depending on your individual space and aesthetic requirements.

Wireless ergonomic keyboards are extremely popular depending on your job requirements and how mobile you need to be. They take away the clutter and inconvenience of excessive wiring.

For mobile working solutions, wireless ergonomic keyboards and wireless numberslide ergonomic keyboards are a great way to maintain maximum productivity regardless of where you are. In an age where the office location is becoming less traditional and more mobile, compact keyboards are on trend and will continue to be a popular keyboard solution. Gone are the days of standard, wired keyboards so contact us to discuss your options.