Standing Desks Are Bad For You

What people are getting wrong about Standing Desks.  There have been some negative reports of Standing Desks in the media recently. A study released by the International Journal of Epidemiology claims that they have found sitting for long periods is not associated with an increased mortality risk any more than any sedentary activity. Cue a lot of articles circulating claiming sit/stand desks are a waste of money, are no better for your health etc. The study suggests the real problem is how little physical activity people get during the day and the focus should shift from standing at work to increasing daily exercise. It also acknowledges that the participating group members had “a higher than average daily activity” and their reported mean daily walking time was over double the national average. If the participating group members are already active, the result of how long they’ve spent sitting will differ to those who aren’t as active. Here we address some common complaints occurring about sit/stand desks. “If sitting doesn’t kill you, why should I stand?” Hopefully no one sells a sit/stand desk under the pretence that sitting too long will kill you. Using such an extreme scare tactic is misleading. We’re far more concerned about your quality of life and that’s where a sit/stand desk is beneficial. Alternating between sitting and standing encourages different muscles to work that wouldn’t otherwise if you sit all day. Standing encourages better posture, activates your core muscles and reduces strain on your lower back, neck and shoulders. Standing will also encourage you to move a little more, which is the ultimate goal! “Standing all day hurts! It’s causing calf and heel pain.” The point of a sit/stand desk is NOT to stand for 9 hours a day! The stress will move from your core/lower back to your legs and feet. Any prolonged time in one position will cause muscle aches. Always alternate between sitting and standing to give tense parts of your body a break, increase blood flow and encourage better posture. If your feet hurt, floor mats help distribute your weight and will help relieve pressure on your feet. “Sit/Stand desks are expensive! I’ll just prop my laptop up with boxes or books.” Propping your monitor or laptop up with books or boxes is not practical or safe. Using materials that are not sturdy will increase the risk of injury at your workspace. Remember, sit/stand desks are not bad for you – lack of movement is. Activating different muscles helps prevent injury and hopefully keeps you from being in pain. Sit/stand desks are not offered as a complete solution, but are a way to incorporate more movement into your day. If you have any questions about standing desks or how to improve your workstation, please contact us on 1300 696 696 or