ErgoEquip Breakfast Club

Thank you to our ‘breakfast clubbers’ that attended our Eye health in the workplace workshop last week, hopefully we busted a few myths and answered some commonly asked questions around vision and eyesight. One of main questions our expert for the day, Greg from Specsavers gets asked is what can be done about visual fatigue/ dry eyes and how do we help eye muscles recover, the answer is probably not what you would class as simple, but just like our bodies, movement and stretching is very important for our eyes as well.  The rule of 20, this is a 20 second refocus of the eyes looking at something 20 feet away every 20 minutes throughout the day, blinking is equally important as there is no doubt that when we are staring at a screen for long periods our blink frequency does decrease, also, cutting down looking at mobile devices on our journey to and from work and in bed at night before going to sleep can also have a beneficial effect.  Of course if you are worried the best advice is to go and get your eyes checked by a professional, whether that is your GP or an optometrist. We are very much looking forward to the next breakfast club topic which is the Standing debate, on April 3rd,  a subject that is a pretty hot topic currently.