Top Tips For Stretching!

Stretching Factsheet

  • Did you know that the human body is not designed to be seated for extended periods of time?
  • Have you ever felt stiff or sore during the day?
  • Do you find that by the end of the day you feel sore or find it hard to move?
  • Did you know that this soreness is easily preventable?

Did you know? The muscles of the body are constantly working, even when we are sitting down our muscles work hard to keep us upright. It is important to look after our body as optimal health is vital to wellbeing and work productivity. What is Flexibility? Flexibility is a measure of the ability of our muscles to absorb the force of daily activities. When we spend most of our time sitting down, our muscles may start to build tension as they are not moving regularly. Benefits of Stretching

  • Regular movement and stretching helps to improve the blood flow to working muscles. This will ensure the muscles stay warm and supple which may assist in alleviating tension that may develop.
  • Warm muscles are less stiff and are going to be able to perform more movement; this will help to reduce the risk of an injury.
  • A wider range of motion will enable you to do more tasks without feeling tightness or soreness.
  • Les soreness and fatigue will boost energy levels and assist in keeping the body active and hopefully pain and injury free!