The Mouse – Did You Know The Average Computer User Clicks Thousands Of Times A Day?

The mouse is one of the most commonly used devices at the workstation. It is therefore very important not to use an incorrectly designed or poorly positioned mouse, as this could lead to long term injuries such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. What is an ergonomic mouse? An ergonomically designed mouse reduces the risk of injury by ensuring that the mouse fits the natural shape of the hand. Below are just a few tips to help maintain your comfort levels during mouse use:

  1. Ensure that you are using a mouse that suitable fits your hand taking into consideration mouse size and shape.
  2. Ensure that the mouse is positioned as close to the midline of the body as possible to help reduce extension of the arm.
  3. Try to maintain a relaxed wrist posture whenever possible to reduce the pressure exerted on the tissues of the hand and wrist.
  4. Try to rotate the tasks you are undertaking at work. If possible, try to vary mouse-based tasks with typing and other tasks to reduce prolonged periods of mouse use.