Train the Trainer – office ergonomics:

Generally a 2 hour training seminar aimed at educating key staff on how to basically setup a workstation. There will be a theoretical and practical component to the seminar

Key areas covers:

  • Basics of ergonomics and the risk factors of having a poorly setup workstation
  • Common complaints and practical solutions to assist with an optimal setup
  • The importance of posture, rest breaks and stretching

Ergonomic education for staff:

Seminars are designed to provide employees with the knowledge they need to prevent musculoskeletal problems. This is often combined with individual workstation assessments.

The aim is to teach optimal working postures, correct workstation setup and injury prevention through early self identification.

Manual Handling Training:

A seminar deigned to educate staff on the anatomy of the spine and the risk of injury associated with poor manual handling techniques. Practical work related examples of manual handling techniques are used throughout the seminar.